Sporzyme® 100B

Direct Fed Microbial (DFM)

The species of microorganisms in Sporzyme 100B have unique abilities to produce increased amounts of digestive enzymes, including high levels of cellulase and xylanase. Sporzyme 100B contains four strains of Bacillus sp. that facilitate the breakdown of manure created by animal production.



tan particles


Dried Distillers Grains and Solubles, Calcium Carbonate, Bacillus Spores

Guaranted Analysis

4.54 x 1013 cfu/lb


All bacillus strains in Sporzyme 100B are classified as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Admin.

Recommended Use

Using a feed program with Sporzyme, producers can expect:

  • Decreased odors inside confinement buildings

  • Return On Investment (ROI) - increased manure consistency during pumping and increased manure nutrient (NPK) values

  • Reduced building cleaning times

  • Decreased crusting and insect problems

  • Decreased manure agitation resulting in reduced fuel costs

Stabilility and Recommended Use

The product is composed of thermo-and-antibiotic-stable Bacillus spores. Sporzyme 100B contains 4.54 x 1013 cfu/lb suspended on a carrier. Sporzyme 100B is used at a rate of one pound per ton of complete feed. Shelf life is one year from purchase stored in a cool place in an unopened bag.


Fifty pound bags.

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