About Sporzyme

Sporzyme is a spore forming probiotic that contains 3 strains of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis. Sporzyme is recommended for chickens for fattening from day 0 to slaughter at inclusion rates of 50 to 100 ppm. Sporzyme is highly concentrated and contains 1.0 x 1010 CFU/gram of Bacillus spores.

Mode of action of probiotics in broiler diets

The inclusion of Sporzyme in diets for broiler chickens and piglets has shown to improve growth and feed conversion. Sporzyme has several pathways in which it improves gut health. In the gut there is a great amount of bacteria (micro flora), both good ones (beneficial bacteria) and negative ones (pathogens like Clostridia, E. Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter). Sporzyme creates an environment that is positive for the beneficial bacteria in the gut (lactobacilli) by consumption of oxygen, production of enzymes and competitive exclusion. In this way Sporzyme promotes the proliferation of positive gut flora and reduces the pathogenic bacteria. The result is a healthier gut and a healthier gut means a better utilization of nutrients, less digestive disorders, healthier animals and better performance.

Spore-forming probiotics — high stability

In the past probiotics had the disadvantage of not being stable in process of feed production. Sporzyme has tackled this problem, because it is a so-called spore- forming probiotic. The use of spore-forming probiotics has several advantages. When the bacteria turn into spores, it forms two layers of protein around it. These layers protect the bacteria from environmental stressors, which allows spore-forming probiotics to be included in diets containing possible aggressive in-feed components such as coccidiostats. Compared to other probiotics, spore-forming probiotics are very heat stable. A pelleting study revealed that Sporzyme can easily be pelleted up to 95°C without reduction of survivability. In several customer trials, pelleting was applied under practical conditions, which confirmed earlier results.

Results in broilers — economic benefits, broad field experience

Sporzyme has been used in animal diets since 2005. In the U.S. Sporzyme has received recommendation for use in broiler diets in 2006 and since that time it has been used by feed compounders and integrated companies with great success. A broad range of experiences has been obtained in several different regions under different conditions. In many instances, Sporzyme has been reported to improve average daily gain, feed efficiency, and/or egg production. Studies also found that Sporzyme reduces pathogen loads in both live animals and in the litter.

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